Fancy Women Bike Ride is a women-only cycling event typically held on the World Car Free Day every year.

Fancy Women Bike Ride was born in 2013 in Izmir, Turkeyas a reaction to the world of traditional cycling in which men tend a little too often to tell women how they should be, what they should do, how they should dress.

Fancy Women Bike Ride is a proof that cycling is possible without lycra, without sweat, without competition, without reflective vests.

After the first edition, this feminine ride was repeated in many cities to share the experience of being welcome in their own streets as they are: free, safe and aware.
Today the Fancy Women Bike Ride is much more than a ride.


Fancy Women Bike Ride has the following rules:

  • Dress code: be fancy, colorful, you may exaggerate
  • Decorate your bicycle
  • Pose to the cameras and take selfie
  • Greet and smile to the unknown people during the bike ride
  • Bring your best friend*

*these are not strict rules: join us as you like yourself.